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Four women's bags for all occasions

Posted By: John Times Read: 95 Comments: 0 15 Apr
Four women's bags for all occasions

Four women's bags for all occasions

1. The classic medium-sized bag is preferably rectangular and trapezoidal in shape. A strict, universal format, suitable for work and everyday life, makes this model not obsolete. Agree, discreet decor and neutral colors-always help!

2. Shoulder bag. A small rectangular tablet is indispensable when you need to take a minimum of things and keep a presentable image at the same time. Moreover, free hands when walking are no longer a luxury, but a necessity of the mobile era!

3. Shopping bag. The model, considered the largest of the everyday options, is necessary for every lady. Do you plan to take more than usual out of the house, go to the countryside or do a marathon shopping? Arm yourself with a stylish and reliable accessory, not packages!

4. Clutch A classic evening look is unthinkable without a weekend handbag. A strict and refined clutch on the clasp lock, as well as a charming envelope clutch will be a win-win solution for your celebration. You must have at least one such accessory in your arsenal!

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