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TOP 10 common mistakes in the selection of jewelry and accessories

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TOP 10 common mistakes in the selection of jewelry and accessories

TOP 10 common mistakes in the selection of jewelry and accessories

Every representative of the fair sex wants to look stylish, fashionable and attractive, regardless of age and status. It is clear to everyone that it is impossible to achieve this without embellishments and accessories. But here an important role is played by the ability to choose them correctly to a particular outfit to create a certain image. And here we are not talking about their cost.

You can look ridiculous in expensive jewelry, and you can have an attractive look, create a stylish look, using even relatively cheap costume jewelry. What you should pay attention to, what mistakes to avoid when choosing accessories and jewelry attributes will be discussed below.

What you need to do first

First, you need to clean up your jewelry boxes. Many ladies had to face the following situation. You are invited to visit, to a concert or to the theater, you have decided on an outfit. But you can't find the right jewelry. Spending a lot of time and money, you run to the store, frantically trying to pick up something appropriate to the style of clothing.

Naturally, in the bustle and nervousness, you can not find anything worthwhile, you buy something at least more or less suitable, which will then lie untouched for months, and maybe years. The result is a bad mood, money thrown away. And later, you accidentally discover among the items in a disorderly pile, for example, a necklace that would perfectly match your outfit. But then you either forgot about it, or just couldn't find it.

Another situation. In the store, you saw "awesome" earrings and bought them without any hesitation. When you returned home, you turned them around in front of the mirror, took them off, put them in a pile of similar products until "better times". And all because you don't have anything to put them on right now. After a week, you have safely forgotten about their existence.

Wouldn't it be easier to take a little time and hang or put each piece of costume jewelry or jewelry in its designated place? Then, if necessary, you will always be able to adequately assess with the help of which objects you can create the image you have conceived. And the products will be safe and sound for a long time.

What you should not be led to

Accidentally going to a jewelry store, you find there supermodel extra cool products that you can buy at great discounts. Do not rush to run to the checkout. After all, it may turn out that you already have something similar in your arsenal. It is also possible that in your wardrobe there are no suitable outfits for this accessory.

Do not rush to buy jewelry that looks great on others. After all, as you know, "what is good for a Russian is death for a German." For example, a choker that is perfect for a long-necked beauty will look ugly on a short neck.

Do not rush to buy your favorite product over the Internet. After all, there is a photo of a young lady with a magnificent figure, on the creation of the image of which at least four specialists have worked: a stylist, a fashion designer, a photographer, plus a master of photoshop. But the image they created does not fit into everyday life as often as we would like. Well, one more thing-be sure to figure out what you can wear this accessory and where to go in it.

Because in reality, after receiving a parcel with the coveted costume jewelry, complete disappointment often comes: you can not "attach" it to your wardrobe, hopes of creating the image of "Miss World" have collapsed, money has been spent in vain.

One more caveat. If it so happens that you bought several products at once, even the coolest ones, you do not need to put them all on at once. After all, there is nothing more ridiculous and ridiculous than an excess of jewelry. We need to "hold our horses" and try to create more reasons to show off the acquired attributes. But in each separately.

And the last moment. To buy or not to buy this or that thing-it's up to you. And it's not just about whether it's cheap or expensive, supermodel or classic. The main thing is that it matches your style, so that you feel comfortable and confident in it.

Listening to the opinions of others is useful, but maybe from the outside and the thing looks very wonderful on you. But if you feel "out of place" in it, the decision should be unequivocal – do not take it. The most beautiful attribute is self – confidence.

Fashionable is what suits you

Before you start choosing jewelry, whether it's an earring, necklace, bracelet, ring or pendant, you should first study yourself. And then to be interested in what is "now in fashion". What does this mean? Here we are talking about height, build, body type and face shape. Even the hairstyle plays an important role. It turns out that such a category as size should be taken into account when choosing not only clothes and shoes,but also jewelry.

For example, girls with a round face should choose earrings, the shape of which is opposite to the circle. It can be long thin earrings, dangles, droplets. The same goes for the necklace. If you have a triangular face, it is better to give preference to massive earrings and necklaces, pendants. The diamond-shaped face is suitable for carnations and hangers of the same shape, as well as necklaces and pendants of medium length. Information about this can be found on many websites.

An important marker when choosing jewelry is also the age of the fair sex. Agree that the Hello Kitty earrings will look ridiculous on the ears of a lady of advanced age. The same can be said about the heavy massive earrings on a thin teenage girl. In order not to shock others, you should carefully consider the choice of costume jewelry, paying attention to the style, color, size and theme.

You should not be led to the low price of products. Too cheap embellishments catch the eye even from a distance. Not only do they indicate a lack of taste in their owner, they can also harm health. It is better to have less, but better.

And the last thing I would like to draw attention to is the relevance. This applies not only to jewelry attributes, but also to clothing, shoes, and makeup. When creating a particular look, think about how it will be appropriate in a particular situation.

A girl in louboutins, evening dress, with earrings decorated with stones and rhinestones, walking along a dusty street on a hot summer day, will look terrible. It is necessary to clearly separate everyday and elegant jewelry, as well as the rest of the outfit.

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